Step 5 – Finishing

Step 5 – Finishing

Step 5 – Finishing
Start by mixing EQUAL amounts of parts A & B of the finish. Use a small plastic cup and plastic stir to combine the separate parts. These should be stirred slowly, to avoid air bubbles, for approximately 2 minutes. Pour the mixture on a small section of tin foil in order to extend the amount of ‘working time’ with the finish before it begins to thicken.

Apply the finish with the brushes included in the kit, being careful to keep oils from your fingers away from the thread, which can cause ‘blotchiness.’

While continuously turning the blank with one hand, apply finish to thread. We suggest that you overlap the finish onto the blank by 1/8” to provide a good seal. A careful application is the best insurance for good guide and thread adherance to the blank. If the finish becomes too thick, stop and mix a new batch.

IMPORTANT – Continue to turn the rod 1/2 turn about every 15 minutes, for 2 hours. This will create a more even finish for the self-leveling formula. Applying a second coat, after the first application has had at least 6-8 hours to dry, will create a sure bond and a nice thick look to the finish.

24 Hour Cure Time: Although the finish will ‘set’ in just a few hours, it will take 24 hours for the finish to cure properly. And after the wait, there is only one thing left to do:


We know that these are basic and simple instructions and do not include information for every possible scenario. But we can tell you that thousands of people just like you have built rods with only the information presented above.

But don’t worry! If you do have a problem or question, all you have to do is give us a buzz or an email. We answer concerns like the ones you have every day!

Warranty Info: most of the rod blanks we sell are covered by a LIFETIME limited warranty. Please refer to the manufacturer for more infomation. or call us for assistance.

For more information on fly fishing, fly tying and rod building, visit or contact us directly: Phone: 1-412-476-8620 Fax: 1-412-476-8639 Toll Free: 1-800-552-8342. E-mail:

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