Step 2 – Installing Grips and Reel Seat

Step 2 – Installing Grips and Reel Seat

Our kits include a “preformed” grip, but it still must be reamed to fit snugly on the butt section of the blank above the reel seat. Pay attention to the taper of the blank when reaming, noting that the diameter decreases as you proceed “up” the blank. Some folks lightly sand the section to which the grip will be epoxied for better adhesion, but be careful not to damage the blank.

Now you install the reel seat. The first step is to install masking tape to be used as shims. Wrap approximately two thirds of the area to be covered by the reel seat, leaving 1/8-1/4” gaps between tape wraps. At this point, you may also apply masking tape to all wooden, threaded and hooded parts of the seat to keep these parts free of excess epoxy during the gluing process.

Before applying the epoxy, preassemble the grip and entire reel seat on the blank without epoxy Pay attention to how the hoods (parts that hold the reel in the seat) and any inlets line up. After the epoxy cures, it’ll be difficult, if not impossible, to make adjustments.

With all parts laid out for assembly, mix the two-part epoxies in a small disposable cup or on aluminum foil with a small plastic stick. You only have 10-20 minutes to work with the epoxy! Start by applying epoxy to the part of the blank to which the grip will be attached. Be careful to make sure the application of epoxy starts “below” the area where the top of the grip will permanently sit. Rotate the grip as you are moving it into location.

Next, apply more epoxy to the ‘shimmed’ section of the butt. Apply the epoxy over the masking tape and slide the reel seat up from the bottom of the blank. Gently rotate the reel seat into position. Note: if the reel seat sections are not preassembled, you may wish to epoxy these pieces prior to final attachment to the blank.

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